Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Winter: 6 Essential Tips

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Your car isn’t the only thing that needs to be winterized. Your commercial roof requires some TLC ahead of the winter, too, especially if you’re based in a state with heavy snowfall.

Is the prospect of getting your commercial roof ready for winter daunting? This guide walks you through the steps commercial roofing professionals take to get your roof winter-ready, and looks at the other contractors you need on your winter maintenance team.

How Your Commercial Roofer Gets Your Roof Winter Ready:
A Breakdown

High-quality commercial roofing solutions, like those from Conklin Roofing Systems, are designed to withstand diverse climate conditions. However, preparing your commercial roof for the winter remains an essential part of regular maintenance. Your commercial roofer can take care of most of these tasks. Let’s break them down to ensure your roof is in tip-top condition as you head into winter.

1. Annual Roof Inspection

Preparing your commercial roof for winter starts with a roof inspection in the fall. Your commercial roofer will identify any damage, membrane cracks, leaks, or issues with your commercial roof coatings, so that you can promptly carry out roof repairs before the first frost.

Flashing, vents, and other penetrations should also be inspected to ensure seals are intact.

2. Conduct Necessary Roof Repair Work

If the inspection identifies damage or leaks, address these issues by conducting the necessary roof repair work before the start of winter. Taking care of roof repairs before winter is essential for a few reasons. Commercial roofers face additional challenges during the winter, and leaving commercial roof repair work for spring can exacerbate existing problems.

3. Further Roof Maintenance

Cleaning your gutters and drains and ensuring proper ventilation and insulation are in place are two other essential parts of getting your commercial roofing system ready for winter. While your commercial roofer may be able to handle both, some coordination with other professionals may be required. Businesses may also decide to engage a gutter-cleaning service.

Find Your Commercial Roofer

To protect your commercial roof, it is best to schedule your annual roof inspection and have any necessary roof repairs carried out in the fall. If you haven’t done so yet, you can still get your commercial roof ready for winter any time before the first frost hits.

Find your commercial roofer today, and make sure your building and roof are ready for the cool season!

Other Commercial Roof Maintenance Tasks to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Have you had your roof inspected, and did you address any issues your roofer diagnosed with timely commercial roof repair? You’re nearly there — but hold on! Commercial roofers aren’t the only professionals on your roof maintenance team.

4. Develop a Snow Removal Plan

Engage a commercial snow removal service before the first snow is expected. Commercial flat or low-sloped roofs are especially prone to overloading and possible damage from heavy snow. A professional snow removal team ensures your employees, customers, and commercial building remain safe during the winter.

5. Conduct an HVAC Inspection

HVAC professionals should inspect any HVAC units during the fall, check that they are in good working condition, and take steps to protect them during winter.

6. Engage Tree Services

If you have any trees near your commercial building, hiring a tree service to inspect and trim overhanging branches is another must. Generally speaking, any tree within 20 feet of your building should be inspected, while overhanging branches within 10 feet of your commercial roof pose a potential danger.

While tree services can help you protect your commercial roof and prevent the need for future roof repair, these services also play a key role in safeguarding your employees and customers.

Get Your Commercial Roof Winter Ready Today!

After a closer look at the steps to get your commercial roof winter-ready, you may realize you are behind schedule. It’s not too late! Visit White Roofing Systems today, and make an appointment for a roof inspection from a myriad of Conklin commercial contractors available on our network.

We’ll get your roof through the winter together!