Winter Hazards for Commercial Roofs

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Preventing Winter Hazards to Your Commercial Roof!

Commercial Roofs that are not properly taken care for during the winter will bring unpleasant surprises when the weather warms. It’s always a good idea to clear the snow off a roof, when possible. This can prevent all kinds of problems, including structural damage to your facility itself. Another potentially negative impact of the freeze/thaw cycle is, when the snow and ice melt, they revert back to water. Snow and ice can melt during lower temperature days when the roof is exposed to continual sunlight and from heat coming through the underside of the roof deck, from inside. The melting process could leave a substantial amount of ponding water on the roof surface. Ponding water adds additional weight to the roof surface, can find its way into the roof system through even minor openings, and can lead to growth of vegetation and fungi on – and into – the roof surface.

Winter weather is upon us, and it can have a negative impact on your commercial roof system!

Caring for your Commercial Roof in the Winter

One element that can have a negative impact on a roof assemblies is precipitation in the form of rain and snow. When precipitation occurs as the temperature is falling, the result is ice or snow. Without proper maintenance to your commercial roof, can create havoc to your roof assembly. The problems associated with snow and ice on roof assemblies can vary.

The biggest concern is excessive snow load on your roof, which can lead to structural damage or full roof collapse from the weight of the snow. This can occur if there is a heavy snowfall coupled with freezing temperatures that lead to a snow/ice mixture that could exceed the snow load of the roof deck. The maintenance manager of your property should be aware of the snow load rating and, in the case of a heavy snow fall, it may be necessary to pay a commercial roofing contractor to remove snow from the roof surface. If snow has to be removed, be certain that roof materials (membrane and flashing’s) are not damaged during the process.

Doing regular roof inspections after snow or ice can help prevent costly repairs during the winter months!

Commercial Roof Inspections in Winter

commercial roofing contractor, commercial roofingDoing roof inspections before winter is the best way to prevent some of your roof issues! If your roof isn’t properly cared for, the roof problems caused by winter conditions can lead to everything from interior leaks to roof material damage to structural collapse. A range of winter weather conditions could have a big impact on your roof system: cold temperatures, high winds, and precipitation. Also, understanding the best practices on how to maintain and repair these conditions during the winter months is crucial. A properly executed winter roof maintenance plan can eliminate costly roof repairs and extend the service life of your existing roof system.

Hiring a Commercial Roofer for your Roof Inspections

conklin roofing contractor, commercial roofing contractorHere at White Roofing Systems, our team of trained Conklin contractors can help you with your roof maintenance in the winter time. By doing a thorough inspection of your commercial roof before winter sets in to be sure it is in the best condition. Along with watching for problems that come up during the winter, like plugged drains from icing that can cause damage. Your roof will always receive the optimal solution given its current condition. That’s because our team offers a complete list of commercial roofing services, which includes roof repairs, maintenance plans, roof coatings, and more!

Getting the experienced roofing specialists at White Roofing Systems Team,

to maintain your Commercial Roof is all you will ever need!


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