Why Restoring Your Commercial Roof is Important?

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Commercial roof leaks, pooling water, and roof erosion are only a few of the many issues that business owners and property managers face when it comes to their roofing systems. And in the majority of these cases, they believe that there are only two ways to go to resolve the issues: roof replacement or roof repair.

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Roof restoration is an often-overlooked solution that can actually offer a number of great advantages. Read on to find out which ones!

What Does Roof Restoration Entail?

Roof restoration involves fully restoring an old, damaged, or worn-out roof. Some of the most common damages that restoration can tackle include moss and algae, water stains, wood rot, rusting, cracks, loose and broken flashing, etc.

As opposed to a roof repair, which involves fixing only a part of the roof, a restoration is a more comprehensive process that focuses on the entire roofing system. It entails cleaning the roof, painting the deteriorated areas, repairing missing or damaged shingles, and performing other maintenance tasks required to restore the roof’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

How Does Commercial Roof Restoration Benefit You and Your Property?

If your commercial roof is severely damaged, a roof replacement is not the only option. A roof restoration might be the perfect solution for you as it comes with a number of advantages.

1. Lower Costs

Roof restoration is less expensive than a roof replacement. After all, purchasing some roofing materials is less expensive than replacing the roof entirely. Apart from that, a roof restoration will take less time than a complete roof replacement, again saving you money on labor costs. It is an overall cost-effective way to update both the function and the looks of your roof.

2. Extended Roof Life Expectancy

A roof restoration will repair the majority, if not all, of the damage that has occurred on your roof over the years. It can also minimize future damages and postpone the need for a complete roof replacement. A roof restoration will prolong the life of your roof by up to ten years if performed correctly, and that’s why you should always work with experienced, professional roofing contractors, such as White Roofing Systems. Our team is a licensed and insured one, with decades of experience, ensuring you high-quality work that will help prolong the life of your roof.

3. Higher Curb Appeal

With COVID-19 restrictions dying down, many business owners are welcoming their clients back. And having your deteriorating roof restored will enhance the overall appearance of your building and make it more inviting to prospective clients. Take advantage of this opportunity to fix any previous repairs that have been done poorly, such as uneven slopes or mismatched shingles. As a result, you’ll have a more appealing exterior, which will boost foot traffic and sales.

4. More Roof Styles and Design Options

When you have your roof restored, you don’t have to keep the original style, design, or color. You can add new features, such as solar panels, skylights, or maybe a roof deck to your existing roof, as well as experiment with new roofing materials and colors. Our commercial roofing team will help you make all the best choices.

5. Increased Sustainability

Many of the materials used in roof construction are made of limited resources like metal, so it’s important to fully utilize these precious items. With restoration, you will have far fewer materials to dispose of while exhausting the full possibilities of your existing roof. Roof restoration also gives you an opportunity to choose more sustainable, environment-friendly roofing materials such as clay tiles and wood shingles.

When Is the Best Time to Get Your Roof Restored?

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As soon as you see signs of more severe roof damages, such as leaks, visible signs of wear and tear, cracks, and similar, make sure to call your commercial roofers right away. The sooner the damages are caught, the more successful the roof restoration will be.

White Roofing Systems’ team of contractors is here to help with your roof restoration project! We have Commercial Roofing Contractors all across the country. When you are in need or ready to have your roof restored, contact one of our contractors in your area.

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