Why Maintenance on Foam Roofs is Important

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Why Maintenance on Foam Roofs is Important?

Maintenance on Your Foam Roof is very Important!

Doing regular roof inspections to your commercial roof is important to the longevity of your foam roof.

Commercial foam roofing, foam roofingFoam roofs are an excellent choice for most commercial roofs, from flat to low sloped and metal roofs are candidates for foam. Foam significantly increase the insulation of your building and can drastically lower your heating and cooling costs. When sprayed, the Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) expands and forms a solid layer across your existing roof. Not only does it look clean and appealing, but it also serves as excellent insulation against extreme weather conditions. Once coated with a white roof coating it is protection from the environment and harsh sunlight, which will deteriorate the foam.

Foam Roof Maintenance

Foam roofs can easily last 25 plus years with the proper maintenance program. Foam roofs generally require a recoat 10 to 18 years after they are first installed depending on your warranty and the coatings used. Ask your foam roofing contractor what the recommendation is for your roof before and after it has been done. Your foam roof can still look new and be in good condition, but this doesn’t mean you can skip getting it recoated. Recoating your roof will help it perform much better when added early rather than later. If you recoat the foam roof late there will be additional expenses because of additional surface preparation. Just like sunscreen, coating works best before you get a sun burn. Recoating your foam roof can cost about 25% of the original cost. So keeping up on regular maintenance and roof inspections can save you in repair costs.

What Happens When I Don’t Maintain the Foam Roof:

An extreme example of what can happen! Foam Roof without maintenance This is what will happen to your foam roof when NO maintenance has been done in years! When foam isn’t coated as require the coatings will eventually wear off. When you don’t maintain your foam roof it can slowly deteriorate. Small holes will start to form in the foam where the coating is worn out. You can easily see these holes on the roof’s surface. They look like small little dark spots. Because the foam will degrade slowly, it could take several years for the hole to create a leak. Another thing to look for is if you have yellow or orange foam that you can see on your roof, you have waited too long to recoat it. This is usually because the coating is weathered and wearing off. Contact a contractor as soon as possible to get an assessment of your roofs condition.

When Should Foam Roof Maintenance Be Done?

As a building owner you should have your roof inspected at least once a year, even twice a year is best! Whether you have a building maintenance person or your foam roofing contractor do it, it is a must do, to prolong the life of your roof. When inspecting the roof be sure to remove any debris and things such as branches, leaves and anything that is not suppose to be on your roof. Not removing such things can and will eventually plug up your roof drains!

Why Choose A Conklin Foam Contractor?

conklin roofing contractor, commercial roofing contractorBecause the repairs described above are so simple, many building owners elect to perform them with an in-house worker. However, sometimes you just want the problem taken care of without your involvement. If that is the case, contact our Conklin Commercial Roofing Contractor for help. We can make one-time repairs or set you up for a periodic inspection and maintenance plan for your roof. You can be assured when choosing a Conklin Foam Contractor that you will get a trained contractor that can give you a straight forward roof inspection.