Why coat a Metal Roof

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Coating systems like those from Conklin help extend the life

of a metal roof, and that’s money in the bank!

Coating saves time, energy, money, disposal, disruption, and extends roof life!

Why coat a metal roof:

Owners of metal roofs must maintain their roofs on a timely basis this is why you need to coat a metal roof. Coating allows them to do this. It’s a cost-effective way to renovate and preserve the protective layer on metal roofs. Coating provides a sustainable, easy-to-maintain roofing membrane without the time, cost, disruption or safety concerns of tearing off an existing roof and replacing it.

Metal roofs can be coated for a variety of reasons. Initially, they have a factory finish coating that may be galvanized, or Galvalume finished steel panels or fluoropolymer-based paint such as Kynar 500. However, as metal panels reach the end of their designed life expectancy, their coating becomes compromised.

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Regardless of the original finish, long-term exposure to the elements will deteriorate the protective finish. Rust will begin to form and over time will compromise the structural integrity of the roof, and negatively affect the aesthetics of the building. All metal roofs expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. This allows the seams to open up and lets moisture enter the building envelope. Proper repair using Conklin coating products will restore a metal roof to like-new condition, using the original substrate as its base.

So why coat a metal roof?

Advantages to coating a metal roof include long-term life cycle cost savings and a decrease in the volume of construction materials sent to landfills. In addition to coating being an environmentally preferable choice by keeping waste out of landfills, it reduces the amount of energy consumed for tearing off old roofs, installing new roofs,transportation and manufacturing.

When the metal roof coating is chalking, fading or no longer looks appealing, coating can enhance the appearance of the building. A metal roof could be coated simply because the owner would like to change the color.

An elastomeric acrylic coating acts like a shield, protecting the metal roofing system from the elements, including ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and ice and hail storms. It encapsulates existing rust, using Conklin Metal Ready Primer, even if the roof is heavily rusted. It helps keep the roof weather tight by repairing leaks, cracks and seams. Coating also keeps the roof sound by moderating thermal shock that can elongate screw holes.

Coating a metal roof helps keep the building weather tight, which lowers energy consumption and costs. White roof coatings like Conklin’s are highly reflective and can reflect up to 87 percent of the sun’s damaging rays, helping to keep the building cooler. This “cool roof” lessens the building’s environmental impact, decreases the urban heat island effect and enhances the comfort of building occupants. It also reduces the constant thermal movement of the roof that eventually leads to leaks in the roofing system. Typically, coating can reduce the surface temperature of a metal roof by 35 to 40 percent.

One of the key advantages of a restoration system over a new roof system is in how it is classified by the IRS. Restoration is classified as maintenance and in most cases it can be expensed in the accounting period in which it is incurred. On the other hand, a new roof system is a capital asset that must be amortized over a 39-year life.