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What is the benefit of Spray Foam Roofs?

Most building owners want to know…. Why should I use Spray Foam on my Commercial Roof?

What is SPF? (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam) 

Commercial foam roofing, foam roofingSprayed Polyurethane Foam is made of two components; polyol and isocyanate that are mixed and applied to the substrate. Tese elements are separately pushed inside the proportioner that warms them and pumps into the spray gun. They are mixed in the spray gun and finally sprayed on the surface.

A unique way of application in the form of liquid makes for a smooth and single structure. To achieve the seamless and stable roofing system, the surface has to be completely clean before the application. It has to be free of any oils and dirt, dry and correctly installed.

On top of the SPF, contractors apply an elastomeric top coating that protects the roof. It can be sprayed as well or implemented with special rollers by hands.

Because there are no seams, there is automatically less chance of water coming in. SPF is the perfect roofing solution for roofs that are not convenient for traditional roofing materials.

SPF is one of the strongest and most efficient insulators available. It requires little maintenance but can last you your entire lifetime. It doesn’t use impractical adhesives, so flashing merges together with a smooth covering.

Sprayed foam roof can bring you significant energy savings. You can experience the difference right after you’ve installed the roof. Contact one of our White Roofing Systems Contractors to learn more!

Here’s an example of how well a good SPF roof insulates:

Because of its climate, Southern Texas inevitably requires using the air conditioner. A school district noticed they spend massive amounts of money of cooling. During last and the first couple of school months classrooms used the AC on average 50 minutes per hour.

Schools decided to install a foam roof in order to save money. Their foam roof was 1 and a half inch thick and had an acrylic coating for protection. The results were incredible! Classrooms used the AC only 15 minutes per hour which represents a saving of 58 percent.

Spray Foam Waterproofing Ability

SPF is an ideal waterproofer. Millions of closed cells create a watertight structure that forms an air barrier and blocks any moisture from penetrating the property.

It also eliminates other problems like those related to dew points. Therefore, it prevents deterioration of the building and prolongs its lifetime.

Even in the case when the top coat is severely damaged, the foam beneath will keep the interior safe from leaking. New Orleans’ Superdome suffered damaged from a hailstorm, and although the top coat was cracked in multiple spots, water never came through! This was an ultimate proof of SPF’s quality.

Worst case scenario; even if water penetrates the foam, it will stay isolated to only one area where the crack appeared. The damage and leak won’t spread which significantly reduces costs of repairing. Minor penetrations are also easily fixed with elastomeric caulk, like Conklin’s Kwik Kaulk® Acrylic Caulking Compound reinstating the integrity of the system, that reinforces the integrity of the SPF system.

Another problem that can be eliminated thanks to SPF is water ponding. SPF is flexible and, unlike traditional roofing materials, you can shape it. You can create areas of bigger thickness and build up the product where you think it has to be thicker. Therefore, the water will drain instead of accumulating on your roof.

Spray Foam Roofing is Sustainable:

commercial foam roof, spray foam roofing, foam roofingFollowing the green movement many architects, building owners, contractors, manufacturers, and builder have worked to raise awareness in green building. This increased the popularity and demand of using eco-friendly roofing materials that promise sustainable effect.


SPF is a system that eliminates leaking, bolsters energy conservation, and supports further education of contractors, architects, scientists, and engineers!

Benefits of Conklin Foam Roofing Systems:

Conklin’s SPF System guarantees high-quality insulation both on roofing substrate and interior for the protection of inside elements. It effectively controls your utility bills by reducing the need for air conditioning or heating. It is extra strong, and its tensile strength is quickly restored if damage appears. The entire system can be treated with a reflective coat for even more compelling properties.


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