Restore Metal Roof with roof coatings

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A metal roof can be a challenging roof surface to seal from the elements.

Restore Metal Roof with roof coatings

One of the major factors in restoring a metal roof is the constant expanding and contracting of the surface of the metal roof. A metal roof can expand and contract as much as 2 inches every 100 feet which can be devastating to fasteners and seams, which 90% of all roof leaks occur at these points.

If you or your customers are experiencing problems with a metal roof, then the two options are to either replace the roof which can be extremely expensive and time consuming or restore it with a elastomeric roof coating, which can be very cost effective as compared to replacing the roof.

A high quality elastomeric roof coating can add many years of life to your existing roof!

The coating however does not simply just work alone, there are steps necessary to ensure that your structure is properly sealed from the elements.

Fist: The metal roof must be clean

Second: Apply a rust inhibitor primer

Third: Caulk all the fasteners with a quality acrylic caulk

Fourth: Apply coatings and fabric on all seams

Finally: Spray intire roof with a quality acrylic elastomeric roof coating

This will ensure a totally seamless form fitted rubber roof to your metal roof!

Restore Metal Roof with roof coatings:

Conklin’s Metal Roofing Systemmetal roof coatings, white roof coatings, Restore that Metal Roof with roof coatings was specifically designed to prevent leaks where they most often occur – at the seams. In addition to outstanding protection against water penetration, the Metal Roof Restoration (M/R) System extends the life of your roof by resisting weather extremes and reduces air conditioning costs by reflecting the sun’s harmful rays. Lightweight restoration roof coating can also preserve your buildings structure.

Conklin offers a good-better-best product selection to meet your metal roofing needs and budget for all commercial metal roofs.

Before you go to the huge expense of replacing your metal roof, ask a Conklin roofing contractor to check it out. Chances are it can be renewed by applying Conklin’s high-performance Metal Roof Restoration (MR) System.