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Metal Roof in Virginia gets Restored with Conklin Roof Coatings!

Restoring Metal Roofs with Conklin’s Metal Roof Restoration System

by Mast Roofing in Farmville, Virginia

Eric Mast of Mast roofing has been doing Conklin Roof Coatings restoring Metal Roofs since 2006, when he became a trained Applicator of Conklin Roofing Systems by attending their specialized training for metal roofs. At Mast Roofing, we understand that you want experienced professionals delivering professional service and workmanship you deserve. We place the utmost importance on both customer service and using roof products with a proven record. That is why we have chosen Conklin® roofing products.

Metal Roof Restoration alternative for your Commercial Metal Roof in Virginia!


How Mast Roofing Restores Metal Roofs in Virginia:

metal roof coatings va, conklin roof coatings vaFirst we start by inspecting the roof to see what kind of shape it is in, like loose screws, seams that are not tight, is the metal rusty. Once our team address this issues, we power wash the roof with Conklin’s Rust Off® Rust and Oxide Remover to make sure the roof is clean. This is a concentrated treatment for a metal roof that removes oxidation, pacifies rust, and etches metal. Rust-Off is an essential tool in the fight to prevent and treat rust on the roof.



conklin metal primer, conklin caulkNext we prime the roof with Conklin Encase Metal Primer to seal the rust and to help with adhesion for the roof coatings. Once primed our team will caulk all screws with Conklin Kwik Kaulk adhesive caulk to seal off screws. Next is sealing off the seams by adding Conklin Base Coating and Fabric to horizontal and vertical seams to ensure they don’t leak. As you see in the picture.



metal roof coatings, conklin metal roof coatingAfter all this is done we spray the entire roof with Conklin Elastomeric White Top Coat Roof Coatings for a seamless self adhered rubber roof system. This system has been designed to protect and waterproof metal roofs for the long haul.



Trust Us and Rest Assured Knowing that a Conklin Roofing System Is Built to Last

Acrylic roofing coatings were devised and created by Conklin in 1977. They make for an amazing protection against various weather factors and are very energy-efficient. Ever since that time, the market for reflective & cool roofing coatings has been crowded with various roofing contractors, but no one has been able to achieve the same thing Conklin does. With over 40 years of experience and work with the finest-quality materials, Conklin Roofing Systems provide unmatched product and performance quality to various contractors, property managers, and building owners.

It is an undeniable fact that the roof is one of the most expensive elements of the house. However, it is wise to think about it as an investment in the long run, and not just a short-term expense. That way, you will think about it thoroughly, as you should, rather than only looking at the price tag, thinking it’s expensive and getting a cheaper roofing alternative. It is crucial to get the best quality roof you can afford, if safety and peace of mind is what you want. Luckily, Conklin Roofing Systems provide the best quality at a low price for everyone to be able to have a durable roof over their head.

Metal Roof Coating System by Conklin

This system was designed specifically to prevent leaks at the seams (which is where they happen most of the time), as it serves as an excellent watertight solution. Additionally, the MR  (metal roof) restoration system reflects the harmful Sun rays, and consequently makes your roof last longer in addition to reducing air conditioning costs and resisting weather extremes. The building structure can also be preserved by applying lightweight restoration roof coatings. Whatever you need, Conklin can provide it with a wide selection of the best-quality products to cover all your metal roofing needs within the budget. If you want to learn more about metal roof coatings, don’t hesitate to contact White Roofing Systems.

Contractor Team Working at White Roofing Systems

We make sure that you get the commercial metal roof system that suits your building by undergoing heavy training organized by Conklin. We are committed to bringing you the latest and top-notch liquid applied metal roof coating system in the industry provided by Conklin, as we make customer satisfaction our priority. Consult one of the Conklin Roofing Contractors to check out your roof before taking up the task of replacing your metal roof because it is possible to renew it by applying the high-performance Conklin MR (metal roof restoration). That is currently the best waterproofing solution in the market today.

Trust us – we guarantee that Conklin’s MR Restoration System will save your metal roof just like it has already saved countless others!

The only goal is to provide you with the best liquid applied metal roofing coating system in the industry by applying Conklin products!