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Metal Roof Coating Contractor Springfield TN

Integrity Roofing LLC is Restoring Metal Roofs in TN!

Integrity Roofing restoring commercial roofs in TNIntegrity Roofing LLC is owned by Sam and Rebecca Troyer. In 2017 when Sam was approached by a representative from the Conklin Roof Coatings Systems, he decided to go into the Commercial Roof Coatings business. Six months later, after he became a factory trained Conklin contractor, Sam started Integrity Roofing LLC. Sam takes pride in the fact that his company is 100% committed to pursuing excellence in everything they do in his commercial roofing business. Their services include metal roof repair, rubber roof restoration, commercial roof installation, flat roof repair. Integrity Roofing proudly offers service throughout the great Nashville, TN area.

To get a Free Estimate and evaluation of your commercial roof and the many ways that Sam and his team can help you get the highest quality at an affordable price, fill out the form and he will be in touch!

Metal Roofs being saved in Tennessee

Metal Roof Coating Restoration in Sringfield, TNWalker Hardware in Springfield Tennessee. 13000 ft metal roof with multiple leaks at the seams and ends laps. Also had some leaks along the eaves where water was siphoning back under the metal. The business owner had done some patching with a brush and roller using an acrylic product from Lowe’s. Unfortunately that didn’t correct the problem. He got a mailer from me and called me out Las fall but it was to late in the year to do anything at that point. His roof went from a dull gray to a bright reflective white seamless finish. They have been able to completely shut off the AC at night when they leave and its still nice and cool the next morning.

Restoring Metal Roofs in Nashville

Your metal roof is constantly exposed to the natural elements. That makes it extremely susceptible to damage and leaks. Roofing systems older than 10 years require some extensive care to keep them in excellent leak free condition.

Investing in metal roof restoration system is key to maintaining your building and protecting your investment on the roof. Having a entire roof replacement may seem daunting and very expensive, it is very costly! Commercial roof restoration system like Conklin Metal Roof Restoration will provide all the benefits of a replacement without the heavy lifting of a tear-off at a fraction of the cost. If you don’t like the idea of replacement and it isn’t necessary or feasible, we provide top-quality Conklin Metal Roof Coating Systems with over a 40-year track record of flawless performance and excellence.

Conklin Metal Roof Restoration System

conklin roofing logo 40 years, conklin roof coatingsConklin pioneered the first roof coating back in 1977. Now over 40 years later Conklin still leads in the manufacturing of roof coating. One of the oldest coating manufactures in the United States, Conklin prides itself in quality roof coatings and training of their contractors on proper application for customer satisfaction. When you combine that Conklin’s superior quality of their products and proven and trusted performance for applicators and building owners alike, these are results only Conklin can deliver to our customers.

We are committed here at Conklin to quality products and roofing systems to our contractors we serve. Our goal as we partner with contractors is to offer an unsurpassed value, providing a smart investment to building owners and property managers to help keep their bottom line strong.


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