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When should you have your Commercial Roof Inspected?

commercial roof maintenanceYou want to have your roof inspected once before the season with the most severe weather and once after. In the northern climates, the severe weather is winter where the cold, storms and precipitation contributes more to the demise of the roof. However, where hot weather rules, summer is the severe season. Hot weather means that solar UV radiation is much higher, and roofs are under the impact of direct high heat. Also, thermal shock is often, and it occurs during summer rains which suddenly cool roofs. To prepare your roof on time, you have to check it before the severe season starts which will eliminate possible problems during the season. Also, it’s good to check it after to see if there was any damage done.

Having Your Commercial Roof Inspected at least twice a Year is a good idea!

Except for the normal visual survey, a formal moisture survey will also be done periodically. Used moisture survey system can be divided into three major types. None of these systems measures water, but all measure roof material properties which are changing when the water occurs. Those types of systems are:

  • Infrared scan system – its purpose is to measure the amount of retained heat or the amount of heat which is lost through insulation. Wet materials and insulation are transmitting heat much better than the dry ones. The infrared camera will register higher heat levels radiated through wet materials.
  • Nuclear isotopic meters – those systems are sending hydrogen ions into roofing system and count how many times do they bounce back. The number of counted ions is increasing if the water is on the roof because, in every molecule, water has two hydrogen ions.
  • Resistance and electrical capacitance meters – their purpose is measuring the ability of roofing materials to conduct electricity. They assume that web materials conduct electricity much efficiently than dry materials.

Before using any method from the list, you have to ask your roofing professional for help and check if the method can be applied to a specific roof. It is excellent to conduct a formal moisture survey once in a period of every five years. That is great because a survey should bring information about taking any action if the conclusion is that the roof is in a marginal condition.

Why would you spend money every year for maintaining your Commercial Roof?

Roof’s membrane is slowly aging under every day’s exposure to different weather conditions, rain, sun, and snow, but also to air conditioning. If you take care of your roof’s condition on a regular basis, you can save more money for other expenditures or needs. Every roof surely needs regular inspection and according to that, a proper repair.

You don’t have any benefit from constantly spending your money on the roof repair. When the roof isn’t maintained on a regular basis, it lasts only for half of its expected life cycle. If you think that a good warranty could fix that problem, it’s not true. Almost all roofing manufacturers claim that their warranty isn’t valid if you don’t maintain the roof adequately. It can be difficult to claim that you have properly maintained your roof through the time and can bring you an additional problem.

For that reason, inspect the condition of your roof at least twice a year. That should assure that you’ll be able to use the warranty if needed. Roofing inspection depends on the inspection complexity, so the inspector can also be an architect, roofing engineer or building stuff. But, the best option would be to hire a competent roofing company which guarantees a well-done job. Roofing inspection can vary from looking at the roof while walking to repair an A/C unit, but also to a formal inspection which includes a moisture survey.

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