Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Roof Coatings in Akron, Ohio

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The city of Akron is located on the western edge of the Glaciated Allegheny Plateau in Ohio, USA. Akron was founded in 1825 at the summit of the developing Ohio and Erie Canal, and by the 1910s, it was the nation’s fastest-growing city.

This city is known for its history in tire manufacturing, carried on today by The Goodyear & Rubber Company. The economy of Akron, OH flourishes on manufacturing, education, healthcare, and biomedical research.

The architecture in this city is diverse, consisting of buildings from pre-World War Two as well as modern buildings in various architectural styles. Preserving these buildings and ensuring their safety and protection is a top priority for all building owners or managers.

Since the roof is always the first line of defense of any building, the preservation and protection must start with the roof. And one of the best ways to enhance and protect your building’s roof are commercial roof coatings.

Everything You Want to Know About Commercial Roof Coatings

Understandably, commercial building owners have plenty of questions when it comes to the well-being of their building. Commercial roof coatings are certainly something that can improve the condition of your roof. Nonetheless, before making such a significant investment, make sure all your questions are answered.

Here are some of the most common questions concerning commercial roof coatings in Akron, Ohio.


Do Commercial Roof Coatings Meet Building Codes?

Most cities in the USA, including Akron, have specific building code requirements set by ASTM, AIA, FM, ICC-ES, UL, ENERGY STAR, CRRC, and LEED. Any professional roof coating installation company will meet these standards; otherwise, they will not operate as a certified contractor.

Always make sure that the company installing your roof coating system is fully compliant with federal, state, and local building codes and energy conservation programs. Roof coatings can be installed on any building and it should be the contractor’s responsibility to obtain the needed license if required.


Do Cool Roofs Cut Energy Consumption and Costs?

Yes! Cool roof systems are an excellent way to save 20% or more in cooling costs. Cool roofs are a white coating installed over an existing roof to reflect the sun’s rays into the atmosphere. In return, your roof and the building’s interior are kept cooler, and much less energy is wasted on cooling.


Is a Roof Coating Restoration Better Than a New Roof?

A roof restoration is a less expensive option in terms of money as it eliminates the costly tear-off, new material costs, and labor fees. When you install a roof coating system on your commercial roof in Akron, you can save 50 – 70% of the costs of replacing your entire roof.

A commercial roof coating system will restore your existing roof and your business will be able to remain open during application. Unless your commercial roof is beyond repair, a roof coating restoration might be a smarter choice.


What Are the Signs That My Roof Needs Maintenance or Restoration?

Specific commercial roof problems like leaks or water penetration need to be addressed immediately. Furthermore, any cracks, split seams, shattering, and blistering also need to be taken care of as soon as possible by a professional roofer in Akron. Roof maintenance or a restoration are two of the options to consider.


What Types of Commercial Roofs Are Candidates for Roof Coatings?

Roof coatings can go over flat roofing systems or low-slope roofs. The ideal roof slope is no more than 3:12 or 14 degrees. Commercial roof coatings can be installed over new or old roofs in Akron, OH, on nearly all types of roofs, no matter the material.


How Long Does a Roof Coating System Last?

Most roof coatings can last up to 20 years, with proper maintenance performed at least twice a year. Roof coatings are also renewable, which allows your roof to last indefinitely, avoiding costly tear-offs.


How Long Does It Take for Roof Coatings to Dry Off When Applied?

Depending on the coating of choice, it can take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours to thoroughly dry. The weather conditions in Akron will also play a role in the drying process. Commercial roof coatings can take longer to dry in high humidity conditions, while hot temperatures and warm weather will dry your roof coating at a faster rate.


What Are the Advantages of Restoring My Commercial Roof With a Roof Coating?

Commercial roof coatings provide energy savings, reduce roof maintenance, increase the roof’s lifespan, protect against UV rays and leaks, and are renewable.


How Can Roof Coatings Protect My Roof Against the Akron Climate?

Harsh weather conditions are a concern for any building owner in Akron as they can cause much damage to a roof. From extreme sun exposure to pouring rainfall and heavy snowfall, all of these conditions can compromise your roof’s condition.

Luckily, a roof coating provides a protective layer that will reflect harmful sun rays and protect your roof from leaks caused by rain or snow. A roof coating also protects against possible punctures from objects landing on your roof during high winds.

Final Thought

These are only a few of the questions commercial building owners in Akron have when considering a commercial roof coating. Since each property is different and has different needs, concerns about roof coatings may vary

If you are considering a commercial roof coating for your business in Akron, OH, it is best to discuss your options with a professional commercial roofer Akron OH, such as White Roofing Systems, to get the best solution for yourself.

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