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The Most Common Issues with Flat Commercial Roofs!

Flat roofs became a synonym for commercial roofs and a standard for the majority of commercial and business properties.  There are several reasons why business owners decide for, and contractors recommend flat roofs.  Simply imagining a sloped roof on a building feels unnatural due to the peak of the sloped roof that would awkwardly stand out. Flat roofs also create space for installing various mechanical systems for buildings, for instance, air conditioning outdoors units- compressors. Therefore, flat roofs are the most logical choice for a commercial building roofing; however, particular issues follow them.

Here are some of the most common issues with flat commercial roofs….

Problems with moisture and leaking:

Roof leaking is a common issue for a variety of roofs. Flat roofs are not an exception; their flat surface quickly accumulates the water; different types of flat roofs deal differently with moisture. BUR ( a built-up roof) mostly experiences leaks because of damaged or wrongly installed flashing during the installation procedure. Hot bitumen, for example, can be problematic if a waterproof membrane wasn’t properly connected and fastened. The most efficient way of preventing leaks from happening is hiring a professional commercial roofing contractor who has much experience in this field.

Improper or lack of maintenance


Whether it comes to flat roof or mansard roof; maintenance is always the key. Failing to thoroughly and regularly inspect your roofing system can result in early issues. Fixing little problems while they are still little can significantly prolong the lifespan of your commercial roof.  Our commercial roofing team is capable of doing a deep inspection.

Problematic ponding water

This common issues mostly appear due to low-quality installation, an incorrect slope of the roof, clogged gutter or broken HVAC units. It affects all types of flat roofs, and in order to efficiently deal with the problem, you have to know the exact source of ponding water. There are products and solutions designed for each situation. If the slope is responsible for troubles, then RoofSlope is an innovative and best option that works as a backup sloping for commercial roofs.

An untrained commercial roofer did the improper repair:

Flat roofs are delicate and require a lot of professional roofing experience.  Using improper materials is the most likely reason of damaged roof.  Same goes for unprofessional repairs; many inexperienced people try to fix metal roofs using caulking or plastic cement which in the end explodes in even bigger damage.

Surface Issues of a Flat Roof:

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BUR flat roofs, in particular, have problems with the surface. Blistering, splitting, erosion or ridging are an often occurment that could lead to bigger issues such as leaking.  Surface problems appear on a variety of roof materials for different causes. Minor blistering or splitting might not be crucial. However, it could emerge as significant problem.


Poor Installation of your Flat Roof:

Installation paves in the path for your flat roof; poor installation means encountering various challenges in the future. Low-quality installation can highly affect the lifespan of the roof you paid for and significantly shorten it. Contractors mostly make mistakes when it comes to details which matter a lot in commercial roofing. For example, incorrect adhesion for the BUR type of flat roof can occur if the area was not correctly and thoroughly cleaned, dried and smoother with a primer before installation. Also, quality of modified bitumen roofing can be ruined if the roofing team doesn’t loosen up the sheets enough before installation. Even things like the surroundings’ temperature can affect the quality of installation. The key to ensuring a successful roof life for your flat low sloped roof is quality installation,regular maintenance, and addressing the need for repairs as quickly as possible.

Let our Conklin Roofing Team help with your Commercial Roof Issues!

conklin roofing logo 40 years, conklin roof coatingsAt White Roofing Systems our Team of Trained Contractors can help you with your roof inspections and repairs. We can also help with your commercial flat roof replacement when needed. Conklin Roofing Systems have been restoring commercial flat and low sloped roofs for 40 years.

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