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After getting the call on this theater roof in Monte Vista, CA I went out a couple days later to look at it. We found an old EPDM Rubber Roof that had come apart at a couple seams and had cracked in a few areas, mostly around the roof units. And it was also leaking around a big skylight. So after talking with the customer, I learned that it had been leaking for some time. The customer has had a few other contractors try to patch it but that didn’t last long. So now they were ready to do whatever had to be done to stop the leaks permanently with something that would last and came with a good warrant. After our conversation, where I explained what I would do to fix his problem and how I can restore his EPDM roof, he understood how the Conklin Fabric fully adhered system would solve his problem.

So I put them a proposal together to take out and cover up the hole from the skylight which they requested and then install a Conklin Fabric Reinforced Coating System over the whole roof with a 18 year warranty. They excepted the proposal and our team got started with the completely seamless roof system across the whole building.

Steps to Restoring an EPDM Rubber Roof:

First we start by cleaning the roof with Conklin’s WACII Cleaner and power washing the roof. The cleaner is specially made to help clean the roof for better adhesion for the coatings. Once the roof is dry we apply Conklin’s Prime Time primer that helps to bond the coatings to the EPDM roof.

EPDM roof in Monte Vista COThis is what the EPDM roof looked like as we got started. All EPDM black rubber roofs are not very energy efficient, as they absorb the hot sun, which makes the roof very hot! This can also transfer into the building making it hard to cool. The sun can be very hot in Monte Vista, CO in the summertime.




Base coat and seams done on EPDM roof in Monte Vista, CONext we we sprayed the primer on the roof and once dry started applying the fabric embedded into the base coat over all seams. This is to reinforce the seams so they don’t come apart. Adding this extra protection will help insure the roof doesn’t leak.



Fabric being applied to EPDM roof in Monte Vista, COAfter the seams are dry, we move on to doing the Conklin Full Fabric System on the entire roof. This is like having a new completely seamless rubber roof. The fabric is rolled out on top of the base coat with more base coat rolled on top of the fabric to sandwich the fabric in between the coatings.



Turning the EPDM Roof White in Monte Vista, Colorado!

The final step is to spray white top coat to the entire roof. White roof coatings is more energy efficient than a black roof! Our White Roofing Systems Team in Monte Vista, Colorado started the final step of spraying the white elastomeric roof coating to the entire commercial roof. Now the roof is totally seamless, self-adhered, energy efficient roof.


Conklin Top Coat on EPDM Roof in Monte VistaGetting your EPDM Roof Restored!

Contact us when you are ready to have your EPDM roof restored with white roof coatings, by contacting Samuel Gingerich owner of Circle G Roofing LLC he has been in construction most of his life in 2019 he got introduced to Conklin’s white elastomeric Roof Coating systems. He started doing commercial roof coatings and then in 2020 him and his wife decided to move to Colorado and started a new roofing business. Samuel is excited to be able to help commercial building owners all around Monte Vista, CO area.




White Roofing Systems

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