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EPDM Roof Coatings for commercial black rubber roofs!

You can extend the life of your existing EPDM roof with Conklin’s EPDM roof coatings and save on energy costs at the same time with Conklin’s innovative EPDM roof coating systems. An EPDM roof coating system is an effective and economical alternative to tear-off and re-roofing. Adding a white, energy efficient, lightweight coating on top of your black roof avoids the expensive removal and disposal of your existing roof and the tremendous workplace disruption it causes.

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With EPDM Roof Coatings:

You can potentially save enough in cooling costs to pay for your recoat within just 7 years, as Conklin’s Energy-Star rated white top coats reflect up to 85% of the sun’s heat rays, cooling your roof and building and enabling up to a 30% reduction in air conditioning.

Applying a white roof coating to a new or existing EPDM roof reduces the heat load on the membrane and the building, and significantly prolongs the roof system’s service life.

EPDM is a black synthetic rubber single-ply roofing system that is typically mechanically fastened to the roof deck with screws and plates. They are sometimes covered with a layer of gravel or ballasted rock.

Some of the problems with EPDM roofs include moisture gain under the membrane itself, poor self-attachment at the seams and around pipes and other fixtures, UV radiation causing sealants to dry out and crumble, tenting, and punctures.

Because they are black, EPDM absorbs a significant amount of solar heat energy. This negatively influences the material chemistry and leads to accelerated weathering of the membrane. As the processing oils leach out, it becomes less elastic, less flexible, thins out, begins to shrink, and tears and punctures more easily, ultimately causing the roof to leak.

The Environmental Protection Agency, along with legislation in states such as California, Georgia, Texas, and Illinois and several local building codes are now mandating low-slope roofs have an initial and aged solar reflectance like Conklin’s EPDM roof coatings that meets ENERGYSTAR® criteria.

So before you replace your aged EPDM roof, consider getting a quote from a professional roofing contractor who specializes EPDM roof coatings for a more affordable, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, more sustainable, and faster-to-install alternative to re-roofing.


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