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The demand for roof coatings is at an all-time high.

Demand for roof coatings is driven by national initiatives such as the Energy Star program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and various local efforts such as the California Energy Commission’s Title 24 program, organizations are demanding that roofs do more than simply keep out water – they want rooftops to stay cool to reduce energy consumption. Government initiatives, tax incentives, and state and utility rebates are supporting this effort.

For years, building and facilities managers have specified white elastomeric roof coatings like those made by Conklin to protect roofs. White roofing solutions have grown exponentially in popularity over the last decade, with growth driven by the energy benefit that higher degrees of reflectivity can provide in specific environments, as well as the lower cost, faster installation schedule and high profitability benefits for the contractors trained to install them.

In many regions of the country, using a reflective surface in the form of a roof coating can reduce the energy cost for a specific facility. But managers need to understand that many factors in addition to rooftop reflectance go in to a building’s energy efficiency. Managers also must be careful when selecting a product – in regions without high temperatures and high solar irradiance, a coating’s reflectivity might not even be a benefit, though its overall performance in protecting the roof from weather is always a benefit. 

Why recommend roof coatings to your customers?

demand for roof coatings, white roof coatings

Your utility cost will immediately lessen when you apply our cool roof coating systems. They are energy efficient, seamless for leak-free performance, and highly cost effective as there is no need to tear off your old roof.

Because our “green” coating systems are completely white, 80-85% of the heat is reflected off the surface of your structure. This dramatically drives down the the cost of your air conditioning bill, while putting less strain on your cooling equipment and building structure.

The major advantage is the cost savings associated with not having to remove and dispose of the existing roof membrane. This can be acheived with a variety of materials including cool roof coatings like those from Conklin. Another advantage is the reduction of materials sent to landfills because labor, disposal and trucking costs are high and are climbing faster than material costs.

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