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Roof Coatings to Cool Your Commercial Roof!

A reflective roof coating is applied to roofs to help reflect more sunlight from the surface, thus reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the structure. Also known as cool roofing!

When the term “cool roofing” is used, it refers to a reflective roof coating applied to the roof. This reflective coating reflects the sunlight from the surface which keeps the structure from absorbing loads of heat.

As you probably already know, it is essential for your business to have a strong roof installed correctly to avoid unnecessary maintenance. But what you might not have known is that when you apply a commercial roof coating, you can increase the lifespan of your roof, being it an old or a new one.

Over the years, the roof gets exposed to heat and ultraviolet rays which are bound to break down the roofing materials. The roof starts to look old, and it might not function as it is supposed to due to the chemicals breakdowns that happen after years of exposure to harsh weather conditions. By coating your roof you will not only reduce the heat energy costs, but you will be protecting your roof from the heat and UV rays while the coating simultaneously acts as a waterproof protector for your roof. Any roof structure aesthetic appearance can benefit from a roof coating, and at the same time, the strength and longevity of the roof get enhanced.

What are the Top Advantages of Roof Coatings for Commercial Roofs:

The surface temperature of the roof and the temperature inside the home is expected to decrease by seven to ten degrees when you install an ENERGY STAR-qualified roof coating. There are two specific ways how this happens:

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  1. When a reflective roof coating gets applied, it reflects most of the sunlight that hits the surface causing the structure to absorb less heat which at the end reduces the energy cost.
  2. With a quality roof coating, the damaging ultraviolet and infrared rays will be reflected from the building as well (this is known as thermal emittance). As a result, the temperatures of the roof and the building will be lower, and therefore the energy usage from the air conditioning needed less.

Roof coatings create a secure layer between the upper roofing materials and the elements which hold many benefits for your roof. The waterproof function of the roof will enhance a quality roof coating while your roof will be guarded against sun rays, protected from UV damages and obtain the ability to reflect heat away from the surface.

Roof coatings are developed to apply to various roof surfaces, which includes asphalt roofs, composite roofs, roofs made of metal and wood, and other. However, it is always best to check your manufacturer’s warranty to make sure that these spray/brush-on products comply with it, before applying a roof coating to materials such as shingles. When you are replacing a roof, then you can consider installing reflective coating shingles.

Before a roof coating is applied, it is best to take care of small leaks or other minor damages. By choosing the right coating for the job, you might even be able to avoid a full-scale replacement of your roof for the next couple of years. Coating systems which are used in a roof restoration process can help save the owner 50-70% compared to the entire roof replacement. The tearing down of an existing roof, purchasing new materials, and cost of labor during a roof replacement can be very expensive, but by choosing to restore the roof instead, the owner can save on most of the costs. Another great benefit of a roof restoration together with a coating system is that the landfills stay clear of waste materials that come from the old demolished roofs.

Even after many years, your roof will still maintain its color due to the roof coating which will improve the look of your old home. Your home will look more appealing for a longer duration if it maintains its color due to the reflective properties of a roof coating.

Beside from all the benefits roof coating holds for the homeowner, these Cool roofs coatings are also beneficial to the environment in several ways. Firstly, due to the extension of the life of the roof, they help to reduce waste which would have come from an old roof.

Less maintenance and repairs of roofs with roof coatings also means less debris production. Most coatings are designed to be environmentally friendly. Therefore there is no need to worry about dangerous chemicals and manufacturing techniques. Less air conditioning gets used in homes and buildings due to cool roofs which also helps to reduce the urban heat island effect.

Reflective Roof Coatings is your answer to a durable roof!

Cool roof coatings are a simple and efficient way to extend the life of your roof and if you consider this option for your Commercial Roof you can contact our Conklin Commercial Roofing Team!