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Contractors help Building Owners Save Money with Roof Replacements

Contractors help building owners when they contact us regarding a roof issue, building owners get excited to learn that you may not need to tear their roof off to replace it. Flat and Metal roofs can be restored by applying a Conklin Roofing System. Upon an inspection of the roof, you will know which of our systems to use.

Conklin offers a variety of roofing systems, no matter what your customer’s needs are:

• Polyurethane Foam System

• Metal Restoration System

• Fabric Reinforced System

• Single Ply Coating System

Contractors help building owners by:

• Not needing to tear off

• No landfill cost

• Restoring the roof with a Seamless (a one piece roof with no seams, leads to less potential leaks and call backs) system

• Applying a white reflective energy star system

• Less crew members needed resulting in less labor cost

• Less labor hours to install our systems – spraying is faster, more efficient

Using Conklin Roofing Systems and applying these principals we can help you assess, inspect and bid your Commercial Building Owner’s roof, showing them a lower cost of installation and energy savings, by spraying white elastomeric coatings.

Conklin roof coatings are growing exponentially, particularly in the metal roof restoration market. These products are capturing the repair segment of the roofing market and beginning to corner the energy efficiency retrofit demand as well.  As word has spread, building owners are deciding to have their roofs coated with roof coatings, even when they are still sound, because they want to extend the lives of their existing roof systems.

It’s no surprise that reflective roof coatings remain the fastest-growing product segment in the fluid-applied roofing market. Cool roof coatings can lower energy consumption – a key goal of state and federal regulators – as well as meet more stringent cool roof performance requirements in the building codes.

Even roofing contractors who have shied away from selling roof coatings are seeing the big opportunities. Some have even begun installing these products themselves rather than subbing them out to coatings specialists. Any roofing contractor can learn how to install roof coatings with the right training that most companies offer.

If anything, the green building movement is gaining strength every year and raising awareness of the benefits of reflective roof coatings. More generally, environmental awareness of global warming is also raising interest in cool roofs.

White Roofing Systems

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