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Conklin Roof Coating Reviews

Conklin Company introduced elastomeric roof coatings to the commercial roofing industry in 1977. 

One of the oldest coating manufactures in the United States, Conklin prides itself in quality roof coatings and training their contractors on proper application. Although Conklin can not control all aspects of your roof coating job, there can be from time to time be some issues with a roof coating application. It can usually be taken care of by the contractor without much of an issue, as it was probably something that was over looked.

Since the market has expanded over the course of the years, homeowners and building owners in general are faced with a lot of options, so choosing the best one can be difficult. However, once you’ve found your roofing contractor, you will not let go of him and when such instances occur, you will probably recommend them to a friend in need. A product coming straight from the veterans of the industry, the Conklin the roof coating, has been used on over 2 billion square feet of roofs over the entire United States of America. It has been proven throughout the years, that Conklin offers a perfect solution for almost every need that could arise.

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Conklin has had some good and bad reviews:

Just take a quick glance over the Internet, and it is clear that there is no shortage of complaints for all roofing products, regardless of the manufacturer. Products that are poorly installed, break down, or do not perform as specified; these are just a few examples of problems that customers can encounter.

Since it is human to err, it is not uncommon to be faced with some negative criticism from time to time. A lot of things can affect the functionality of a product, from unexpected weather conditions to the sheer carelessness of a contractor, some situations simply cannot be avoided. Conklin has managed to keep their mistakes to a low level, thus guaranteeing a perfect job in most of the cases. Words may not mean much, but the roofs speak for themselves. For example, some mid 1970s projects are still rocking it today, doing their job without a care in the world. Such evidence goes to show that by placing your trust into the Conklin Company, you’re going to enjoy your roof for many many decades to come.

Reviews from contractors and building owners across the U S:

“In 1980 I attended a warranty training class at Conklin for the first time, which was nothing more than a seminar on what the new white roof coatings were and where they might fit. As we have grown in the coating market, the training programs have grown. The information that we go through today is about what we have accomplished in the last thirty nine years of successful applications. I am proud to be part of the training staff at Conklin today because we can share the things we have learned over the past thirty nine years, both good and not so good. Between the experience of the trainers and questions asked from the contractors in attendance you will receive the best training in the Industry from those who were part of pioneering the white roofing revolution.”  Stan Volkman, MN Conklin Contractor

“Being responsible for the maintenance of many roofs across the US, it is our task to always search for ways to improve the process of galvanized roofing. Our main goal is a pleased customer. To make sure we’re doing our best, we did a test a couple of years ago. It consisted of coating a 200,000 square foot roof. To test our system properly, half was done with our new corrugated metal, on top of which stood a fine silicone coating, and the other half was done with the Conklin MR system. When observing the results a year later, we’ve seen that the silicone roof counted six leaks altogether. The Conklin roof didn’t have a single leak. ” Charles France, Roof Planner Fortune 200 Company

“I started Stout Construction in 1983.  In 2005 we added Conklin roofing systems and started Stout Roofing and Coatings to our construction business to install Conklin roof coatings in Havana, Illinois to help meet the needs for our commercial building owners, and solutions for their flat, metal and low slope roofs.  Conklin Roofing Systems solved roofing issues on commercial roofs for our customers better than we ever expected.  We seldom receive a call back on a roof after we have applied a Conklin roofing system on.”  Mike Stout, IL Stout Roofing & Coatings

“In 1980, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas began reroofing their facilities using polyurethane foam. Texas A&M kept careful records on the performance of their new roofing system and found they have reaped reductions in maintenance costs as well as decreased energy expenses. Now with over 7 million square feet of polyurethane foam in place, Texas A&M uses nothing else for new or remedial roofing.”  Texas A&M University