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Conklin Ply Roofing System being applied in Jerome, Idaho!

Last year (2016) I was called by Rex Leforgee, the owner of the Lincoln Professional Center in Jerome, Idaho to waterproof some problem areas on the low slope built-up roof of his commercial building.
wm commercial roofing id, conklin contractor id,We at WM Commercial Roofing gave Rex an estimate for waterproofing just the problem areas, but also gave him a proposal for applying a complete Conklin Roofing System to his entire commercial roof which would be warrantied for 18 years non pro-rated.
At the time Rex decided to have just the problem areas taken care of, and so we gladly got that taken care of for him.
Since then the Lincoln Professional Center has changed ownership, and the new owner, Merritt Harker, contacted us this summer about getting a proposal to install an entire Conklin Roof System on his commercial roof, as the roof was aged and needing attention.
Merritt decided to have us apply Conklin’s Fabric Reinforced Roof Coating System to his roof, which we just finished up a week ago August 9th.
The Lincoln Professional Center now has a roof with an 18 year non pro-rated warranty that is 100% waterproof and 85% reflective, which will be leak free, and will also save an average of 25% on the cooling costs of the building.
Call (208) 358-2290 to have WM Commercial Roofing come inspect your commercial roof, and provide you with a free estimate. Let’s get your roof leak issues taken care of!

“After I inspected the smooth built up roof I suggested the Conklin Fabric Reinforced System to solve their leaks issues!”

Conklin Rapid Ply System Installed in Jerome Idaho to a Commercial Flat Roof

lincoln-professional-center-primerFirst our Team cleaned and prepped the roof and removed loose debris on the roof. Next we applied Conklin Prime Time primer.This high quality roof preparation and protection product made of acrylic latex prepares the roof for coatings. It works on different substrates and improves performance of Conklins roofing systems. Prime Time acts as a guarantee for successful and safe roofing system.


Conklin’s Fabric Reinforced Roofing System will add years of life to your Commercial Flat Roof!

Conklin Ply Roofing SystemNext our Team at WM Commercial Roofing applied Conklin Benchmark Base Coat while embedding a polyester fabric into the coating by adding more base coat on top of the fabric. This makes the new roof, seamless and waterproof, for secure protection for years to come.



Benefits of  Fabric Reinforced System from Conklin

Protects your roof at the most vulnerable places-seams.
No more waiting- simple and fast application process.
A broad range of top coatings to choose from.
Money savings- no more expensive roof tear-offs.
Cool roof always lasts longer
included warranty matter
Fights off dirt and excess debris

Conklin’s White Elastomeric Benchmark Roof Coatings is added to the flat roof!

white roof coatings id, conklin white roof coatingsThe final step in our Waterproofing system is to add Conklin’s Top Coat to the entire roof. Our Commercial Roofing Team sprayed the roof with Benchmark Top Coat for a seamless self adhered fabric reinforced rubber roof system. We can offer the building owner a 10-18 year leak free warranty on this system.



Conklin’s Unique Fabric-Reinforced System provides your building and business with ultimate protection for many years!

Waterproof properties are guaranteed thanks to the smooth acrylic layer which is sturdy but flexible fabric incorporated into coatings.  Combined layers together create a durable membrane that is lightweight and resistant to cracking and splitting. Therefore, risks of leaking are significantly lower. The strength and durability of your roof increase, your roof lasts longer and the overall energy efficiency of your building increases as well. Conklin Roofing Systems have been a leader since 1977!

Conklin has revolutionized the commercial roofing industry when they introduced white acrylic fabric-reinforced coating systems forty years ago. Special fabric ply roofing system repredents a hybrid of the waterproof seamless membrane and a durable and strong ply systems. This upgraded fabric adds tensile strength and durability to the waterproof coat without making it heavier. Combining reflective and energy efficient properties this system adds a long lasting and strong protection to the commercial roof!