Common Commercial Roof Problems in Omaha, Nebraska

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If you are a building owner in Omaha, NE, you need to be aware of the common commercial roof problems you may face. Any building is prone to commercial roof problems, even yours, despite its high-quality! Luckily many issues are preventable if you know what to expect and how to plan ahead of time. The weather in Omaha can significantly impact the longevity of your roof, as will the quality of the roofing contractor you hire from the get-go. There are also some other factors that might influence the service life of your commercial roof in Omaha, NE, so read on to learn what exactly you need to be on the lookout for.

Commercial Roof Leaks

On average, Omaha gets about 31 inches of rain and snow per year. Rain and snow, together with Omaha’s brutally cold weather during the winter months, can lead to roof material cracking or water ponding, which can let water underneath your commercial roof. If your commercial roof starts leaking, it can cause significant problems. 

The best way to avoid leaking is to stay proactive and ensure regular roof inspections, especially during Omaha’s colder months. A preventative maintenance program can help building owners stay ahead of any significant issues and reduce potential water damage inside the building. 

Poor Installation

If you want to eliminate potential commercial roof problems in Omaha, then you will have to make sure you hire the best roofer for the job. 

A commercial roof that is not installed correctly or has low-quality roofing materials will break down more easily, especially during harsh weather. Therefore, if you are installing a commercial roof in Omaha, NE, make sure you are working with a verified and experienced commercial roofer. 

And if you are purchasing an existing commercial building, then you should have a professional roofer inspect the roof before the purchase.

Whatever the case, it is crucial to work with a reputable roofing contractor in Omaha that specializes in commercial roofs.

Tenting, Billowing, and Blow-Offs

Tenting, billowing, or blow-offs may occur if the commercial roof is not correctly adhered to the substrate. Another reason why Omaha building owners should work with a reputable roofing company is to avoid these problems. 

Furthermore, to eliminate the chances of billowing, tenting, and blow-offs, it is crucial to use the right material for your commercial roof, i.e. high-quality material that is resistant to severe weather. 

High winds in Omaha are a significant risk for commercial buildings with a single-ply roof as there is a higher chance of the top blowing off. The best type of commercial roof to install in your area can be determined by Omaha building codes and a reputable roofer. 

Ponding Water

As mentioned before, the winter months in Omaha can bring a lot of rain and snow, leading to commercial roof issues. 

The biggest concern of rain or melted snow is that it can lead to ponding on your commercial roof. Water that stands for longer than two days on top of the roof is known as ponding water.

Ponding water can compromise the roofing materials and lead to leaks or even a roof collapse. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that your commercial roof in Omaha has a proper drainage system so that the water can escape from the roof and not cause issues.

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Cracking, Warping, and Shrinkage

Summers in Omaha are warm and humid, with average temperatures of up to 87°F. As a result of excessive heat, commercial roofs in Omaha are prone to cracking and warping.

When the roofing material expands due to day-time heat and then shrinks back because of decreased night-temperatures, it causes damage to the roof. Roofs that are older or poorly ventilated are more susceptible to this problem. The excessive heat may also lead to your roof warping.

To avoid potential roof problems caused by heat, it is crucial to have proper building insulation and a roof ventilation system.

Commercial buildings in Omaha that have a single-ply roof installed often experience shrinkage. Evidence of shrinkage are flashing that pulls away from the wall and cracks in the membrane. If you find evidence of shrinkage, it should be taken care of as soon as possible because it can cause severe problems.


Solution for Common Commercial Roof Problems in Omaha NE

As you can see, there are several commercial roof problems a building owner in Omaha, Nebraska might have to deal with. The weather of Omaha can have a significant impact on the condition of your roof. Nonetheless, there are always ways to fix roofing problems that occur if they are recognized on time. 

The best solution to ensure your commercial roof’s longevity in Omaha is to conduct repairs on time and keep up with roofing maintenance. Annual inspections should be made with a professional roofer to avoid potential problems. 

White Roofing Systems is among the best commercial roofing companies in Omaha, NE, specializing in commercial roof installation, coatings, maintenance, and repair. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you experience any problem with your commercial roof.

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