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Winter Damage to Your Commercial Roof

metal roof restoration, flat roof restorationIf you own a commercial building you own a roof and understand the need for routine maintenance in order to keep the roof functioning properly. When your commercial roof functions properly, it’s easy to think it needs no maintenance. Extreme winter weather is a fact of life around the country. When you’re in charge of maintaining a commercial property or managing the impact of what a wild winter weather has on your assets is crucial. Extremely low temperatures are invariably mean snow and ice, which can wreak havoc on your commercial flat or metal roof. Repairing a roof before the problems worsen is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your business from turning disastrous.

The commercial roofing contractors team at White Roofing Systems offer expertise in roofing repair and replacement. Where we’ll talk about how we can protect your commercial flat and metal roof from winter damage through preventative repair.


How The Winter Impacts Your Commercial Roof

Although extreme temperatures alone aren’t the biggest source of damage to your commercial roof. It’s also the freeze and thaw cycle that can cause the biggest damage. When it snows, that snow and winter precipitation can end up building up on your commercial roof. On a commercial flat or metal roof, when the heat from inside the building melts the snow collected on the roof, that water can refreeze and become frozen ice. Meanwhile, the water that melts can seep down through points of damage, which allows it to leak into your building, causing damage to your property, and allow mold and mildew to thrive.

Importance of Preventative Roof Repairs

ponding water on flat roofRoofs are designed to take abuse, you generally need an inspection at least twice a year. Or after a heavy snow, or a particularly heavy thunderstorm with hail, you may want to have the gravel re-spread and check for any damage which may have occurred. The key to the damage of the freeze and thaw cycle is keeping up with the repairs as soon as they are needed. Minor cracks and damage can also allow water to seep in and cause the of mold, which can add up in costly interior repair. However, if you allow these problems to gradually worsen it will make the repairs extremely costly. When you overlook the minor problems, you increase the chances that your roof will need to be replaced by a commercial roofing contractor. Before it becomes to this point, our White Roofing Team will locate any existing problems by using infrared imaging technology. Then we will use, roofing rehabilitation to get your roof back to its best condition and prevent additional expenses.


Our Conklin Team offer the following services:

  • Flat Roof Inspections
  • Metal Roof Inspections
  • EPDM Roof Inspections
  • Yearly Roof Inspections
  • Maintenance to all Commercial Roofs


Nationwide Commercial Roof Inspections Available:

conklin contractor, conklin rooferAt White Roofing Systems we are a nationwide team of Conklin trained contractors all across the US. Inspections are part of regular maintenance, as the inspection addresses potential problem areas before they have the chance to cause structural issues to the building. We cannot be over emphasized concerning the need for routine inspections on your roof. The key isn’t a magic trick, it’s as simple as having your roof professionally inspected, which can address problems before rather than after they occur. Your roofing system represents a large and valuable investment. By hiring an experienced commercial roofing contractor for semi-annual or annual inspections of your roof and needed repairs, you can stretch out the time between large re-roof applications.

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