Commercial Roofing Mistakes

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Commercial Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

Keeping your commercial or industrial roofing system well maintained is vital for protecting both your property and your business. Hiring highly-qualified commercial roofers to do professional roof maintenance for your business can save you further costly repairs and possible health and safety claims.

However, there are a number of mistakes that you too can easily avoid to help your roofing system’s performance, prolong its life expectancy and minimize the risk of water ingress. Our professionals at the White Roofing Systems Team of Contractors have outlined some of the most frequent ones:

Leaving Ice and Snow on the Roof

Winter is well and truly here, making many commercial property owners worry whether their roofing system is going to make it through the season.

A very common issue during the winter months is the build-up of ice around your property’s drains. Harsh winter weather can be a problem for any commercial roof, but leaving the ice to accumulate around your drainage system could lead to water collecting on the surface of your roof and causing ponding.

Paired with poor drainage, accumulated snow and ice can also lead to large leaks and expensive roof repairs. Also, although not very common, if heavy snowfall does occur, leaving it to accumulate on the roof can stress the structure of your property, potentially splitting the membrane wide open.

Leaks and roof repairs can happen at any time throughout the year, but due to the weather during winter, they can become more problematic.

Too Much Traffic on the Roof

Ignoring excessive foot traffic on your roof can cause damaging wear and tear, which can lead to extensive repairs and even full roof replacement if left unmonitored. Lots of footfall on the uppermost portion of the roof is likely to result in punctures to the membrane.

By taking the appropriate steps to reduce foot traffic where possible, especially during winter time, you will make a big difference to the general wear and tear your roof suffers.

No Regular Maintenance

commercial roof maintenanceOne of the greatest and most common issues that cause roofing problems is the lack of regular maintenance or, sometimes, no maintenance at all. This can lead to health and safety claims, as well as costly repairs due to the damage inflicted.

Periodic roof maintenance is vital to increasing the quality of your commercial roof coverings and prolonging their life expectancy. It also minimizes the risk of water ingress into the building, helps you keep your warranty, and maximizes your return-on-investment. Therefore, to save your money and protect your roof investment, make sure to adhere to a regular roof maintenance schedule.

At the White Roofing Systems

Our White Roofing Systems Team understands these and all the other common issues you might be facing with your commercial or industrial roofing system. Our highly trained roofing professionals across the USA are ready to help with all your roofing needs. We are exceptionally proud of our commitment to excellence and employing the best practices in the commercial roofing industry.