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The Benefits Of Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plans

All roofing systems have a limited lifespan, after which they either demand repairs or have to be replaced. Exposure to climatic elements often results in the wear and tear of the commercial roof. This is why at White Roofing Systems our team of trained commercial roofing contractors we offer maintenance plans to our commercial roof customers!

How often do you think about your commercial roof?

When was the last time you’ve noticed a beautiful commercial roof?

When was the last time you complimented a roof on its appearance?

Take a moment to think about that! I bet the answer is “never.” Despite how important roofs are for protecting your commercial building, and the fact that we spend most of our lives living under all kinds of roofs, we really don’t think about them that much. This is especially true in the business setting. Most business roofs aren’t meant to be attractive; they’re meant to be functional to keep you dry. Commercial building owners and property managers in general should communicate their needs.  Studies show that in the absence of a regular maintenance regime, roofing systems last only half of their expected life of service. Let our team at White Roofing Systems and Conklin Roof Coatings inspect your building’s roof to insure you get the most out of your roof.

Commercial Roof Maintenance:

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Proper maintenance of commercial roofs is expensive, but it’s not that costly when it comes to the long term benefit of extending the lifespan of your business. You may feel the annual inspections are too costly, but consider the damage that can be prevented by doing that. Are you willing to risk your entire business for that?  After an annual or semiannual inspection, routine maintenance can add years of useful life to your commercial roofing.In case you decide to neglect the tell-tale signg of a leak, like musty odors, ponding, dark stains on your ceilings and so on – you are only increasing your future costs. If your commercial property shows evidence of a leak, get that small repair made soon, before it escalates into a major reroofing project. You can avoid damage to the insulation and roof deck with prompt attention. This quick repair will save you money in the long term. If a roof is under any kind of a manufacturer’s warranty, it may be a condition to have it inspected annually or biannually. Conklin Roof Coatings offers several warranty options from 10-18 year warranties for peace of mind for building owners.

For these reasons and more, we highly recommend a commercial roofing maintenance plan for your business!

Here are some additional benefits of roofing maintenance plans:

  1. Clearing scuppers and drains of organic and inorganic debris to keep them working
  2. Clearing the roof of any foreign debris that could damage the roof
  3. Making necessary repairs to avoid future roof leaks
  4. Giving an assessment as to when the roof may need to be replaced
  5. Making sure your commercial roofs life expectancy will be there for years to come
  6. Keeping your manufacturer’s warranty intact for the life of the roof

When to do commercial roof maintenance?

When it comes to the best ways of dealing with damage done to your roof, the most effective way is to stop it from happening. This is best applied to commercial flat roofing systems.

To avoid major damage, it’s best to keep your flat roof inspected and well maintained during the fall season.

Though there is no specific time to inspect your roof, it is advisable to inspect the roof before the onset of a new season,spring and fall, especially before the winter season. Cold, storms, and precipitation during winter cause damage to the roof from freezing water and ice damning. Ignoring the inspection before the onset of a new season causes severe damage to the roof and reduces its lifespan. A proper moisture survey needs to be conducted on a periodic basis to prevent any damages to the roof system.

Get a Commercial Roofing Maintenance!

At White Roofing Systems and Conklin Roof Coatings we work with our building owners to decide which roof coating systems is best for their roofing needs. Our team will walk the customer through all options from which system to use to what warranty best meets the customer’s needs. Contact one of our trained contractors to get your roof inspection and maintenance program started today!