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Doing commercial roof inspection on commercial roofs!

Knowing your commercial roof is ultimately protected by the strong, weather-tough roof over your head, what sort of maintenance does your commercial roof need? What is the break-even point between asking your facilities manager to devote time and money to maintaining the roof, and deferring even the most basic maintenance?

We strongly encourage commercial building owners and facility & property managers to ensure that basic routine roof cleaning and inspections is done annually by a professional roofing contractor to avoid having to completely replace a roof years before it should have been.

Ongoing, preventative roof inspections is key to:

roof-inspection1 Helping you protect the investment you’ve already made in your commercial roof

2 Keeping your manufacturer’s warranty intact. Neglected roofs are subjected to moisture which will cause damage and shorten the life expectancy of your roofing system.

3 If a roof is under a manufacturer’s warranty, it may be a requirement to have it inspected annually or semi-annually to keep the warranty in effect.

Though there is no specific time to inspect your roof, it is advisable to inspect the roof before the onset of a new season, especially before the winter season. Cold, storms, and precipitation during winter cause damage to the roof. Ignoring the inspection before the onset of a new season causes severe damage to the roof and reduces its lifespan. A proper moisture survey needs to be conducted on a periodic basis to prevent any damages to the roof system.

Benefits of Regular Inspections:

Regular roof inspection eliminates the need for emergency repairs and helps the businesses to expand the lifespan of the roof system. Regular inspection and maintenance of roofs, drains, and downspouts are crucial part of the overall preventive maintenance program of your property.

A regular roof inspection is a key to increasing the service life of the roof and save money otherwise required for expensive replacements. Conducting small repairs throughout the year during your regular inspections reduces the chances of severe damage and expensive repairs.

Need to Hire a Professional Roofing Company:

Hiring a roofing professional will ensure that you don’t ignore any hidden damages caused to the roof that may reduce its lifespan. The complexity of the inspection demands a trained roofing professional as they are well-equipped and trained to carry roof inspection and repair, irrespective of the type of a roof system.