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Commercial flat roof repair can be a challenge

for most building owners!

For the commercial roofing industry, a minor roof leak can literally bring operations

to a standstill and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Years ago tar and gravel and coal tar pitch membranes were installed as a waterproofing surface for flat roofing structures. Modern technology has provided many other choices today that provide a longer life cycle and reflective properties that help keep the structure cooler in the summer.

Roofs are expensive to begin with. Replacing them can be even more expensive, when you consider the tough job of removing the existing roof to make way for the new one. If you’re a property owner, then it is in your best interest to avoid a roof replacement for as long as you possibly can. The best way of doing that is to maintain your flat roof properly. That means cleaning it regularly and repairing it as needed, before small problems erupt into larger, more expensive problems. If you notice that it might be time to pay your roof some TLC, then you will be thrilled to know that fixing a leaky flat roof is simple enough for you to do yourself. First, flat roofs in most cases are easy to walk on, but getting up there can be a different story. If you do not like heights or are unsure about climbing up and inspecting your flat roof, call a professional roofer at White Roofing Systems.

Finding flat roof problem areas:

Can be a challenge! Of course, the easiest way to find a roof problem is to identify the source of the leak from the inside of your business. However, you can also easily spot roof problems on the outside of the property, especially if you know what to look for. Carefully walk the entire flat roof. Inspect the roof drains and/or through wall scuppers. Then look at every roof penetration. Look for gaps or cracks around these areas. Using a spray can to mark the areas that concern you. Unlike other roofs that have a pitch to them, flat and low slope roofs have their unique issues with drainage issues and ponding water. The best way to avoid roof-related problems and strengthen weather resistance is through regular care and preventive maintenance. Proper maintenance also prolongs the life of a roof. The frequency of inspections for routine maintenance depends on several factors, including the age of the roof, recent weather events, rooftop foot traffic, and conditions identified during previous inspections.

Consulting a professional roofing contractor may be helpful if concerns exist after a maintenance review of the roof. The contractor can also help to determine the health of the roof, estimate the remaining life of the roof, help you develop a maintenance plan, and identify additional steps to protect the roof.

roof-inspectionImportance of flat roof maintenance:

Regular seasonal inspections can protect your investment and ensure safe working conditions for employees, tenants and customers. A commercial roofing contractor should provide an inspection of the roof from both the inside and the outside. Keeping your commercial and industrial roof in top shape is vital to keeping your business up and running year round. No businesses owner wants to shut down their store or production facility because of a leaky, damaged, sagging, or potentially dangerous roof. Avoid these disastrous problems by having your commercial roof maintained, cleaned, and repaired by a trained commercial roofing contractor. Our industrial and commercial roof maintenance services include general cleaning and debris removal, cleaning drains and gutter systems, inspecting edge metal and flashing components, and repairing damaged areas, such as holes, rips, and split or separated roofing material components.

It is critical to have regular roof inspections, performed by a licensed roofing contractor.

In addition to inspecting your roof, a professional roofer can provide any minor repairs and periodic maintenance, to ensure that you don’t encounter unexpected problems. When it’s time for a new roof, consider your options for waterproofing and choose the best system that your budget allows.

Conklin roofing system is constructed with roofing products that have high solar reflectance and thermal emittance properties. These work by reflecting solar and thermal rays from the sun back into the atmosphere rather than allowing it to be absorbed into the commercial roof’s surface. The roof literally stays cooler and reduces the amount of heat transferred to the commercial building below, keeping the building a cooler and more constant temperature.


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