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Commercial Cool Roof Coatings for You!

To reflect more sunlight and reduce the heat which has been absorbed by the structure, you can apply a reflective roof coating to the roof. This method is called cool roofing!

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If you want to ensure many years of trouble-free service, you will need to install an excellent roof. But also, if you want to increase your roof’s lifespan, you can apply a coating to your roof. You can do that no matter if your roof is installed recently or many years ago.

Be sure that by installing a coat on your roof, you will reduce your heating costs for sure, and also increase the level of roof protection from the UV rays and rainfall. After the many years your roof has been exposed to the sunlight, heat, and UV rays, roof materials will certainly be used up. That means that the functionality of your roof will be decreased. To add more strength and longevity to the roof, use the roof coatings (they are also used for the aesthetic look of your roof).

Roof Coating Advantages for Commercial Roofs

Advantage of Roof Coatings for Commercial Roofs:

cool roofs, roof coatings

The Energy star-qualified roof coatings decrease the temperature of your roof’s surface, which also means that the temperature in your home will be decreased by approximately seven to ten degrees, too. There are two ways that could happen:

  1. The sunlight from the surface of the reflective roof coating on the roof is absorbed more, and the amount of heat that has been absorbed from the structure decreases. The result is lower heating cost, i.e., saving more energy.
  2. If the roof coating is of high quality, it should also reject the ultraviolet and infrared sunlight from your house, and that is called the thermal emittance. The result of the cooler roof and your house’s lower temperature will be evident thanks to reduced air conditioning usage.

By using the roof coating, a resilient barrier between the uppermost layers and elements of your roof will be set up. If you do it right, your roof should become waterproof and save your home from dangerous sunlight and UV rays, but it should also reflect the heat off your roof. That also means the maintenance costs will be reduced, and the duration of your roof increased.

Roof coatings can be applied to different types of roofs, from those that have metal or asphalt surface to composite, galvanized, wooden, etc. To be sure you can apply it to your roof, check the information with the manufacturer just to be sure you can proceed with the work. Also, reconsider upgrading the roof with reflective coating shingles so that you could benefit from the “hot” cool-roofing movement at the same time.

Commercial Roof Leaks:

Before you start with the roof coating application, you have to fix all the leaks and other damages on your roof. If you do the work right and you install the proper coating, you could postpone the full roof replacement of your roof by many years. With the coating usage, you could even save 50-70% in comparison to the replacement of the entire roof. That way you can avoid the cost of tearing off your roof, buying the materials and pay for workers to do the replacement.


If you use the reflective coatings, that could keep the color on your roof which is constantly fading through the years. The color has been stable for a long period because the roof coating is reflective, and your house will be more attractive.

Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness of Roof Coatings

It’s a great thing that the roof coatings help a lot in reducing waste because they extend your roof’s life. Through the maintenance and repair process, a great amount of debris is produced, and they minimize it. Nowadays, you can find a lot of coatings with the purpose of environmental safety. They don’t hold any chemicals or dangerous materials. Cool roofs are great for the environment because they decrease the air temperature (the urban heat island effect) and electricity usage.

Reflective Roof Coatings – the Solution for a Long Lasting Roof

conklin roofing logo 40 years, conklin roof coatingsIn case you decide to replace your roof with a cool one, and extend the lifetime of your commercial roof, you can contact the White Roofing Systems anytime you need. We will be glad to jump in and help you with your coating.