Longevity, Flexibility, and Four More Benefits of Foam Roofing for Your Commercial Building

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Spraying a foam roof on a commercial roofCommercial roofing is never a one-size-fits-all issue. What works great for one commercial application may not be what’s best for your roofing needs. Today we’re going to talk specifically about Spray polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing and how it can benefit your commercial building.


Most people talk in terms of longevity and flexibility alone; and those are great talking points. But today we’re also going to talk about the variety of building applications, seamlessness, insulation properties, and the material’s many natural resistances.


A well-maintained foam roof may last 20-30 years. That’s much better than other types of commercial roofing available in today’s market. The long life expectancy of this type of roofing means less money spent on roof replacement through the years.


Buildings settle, expand, contract, and move over time and with the weather. This type of natural movement and shifting can wreak havoc on other types of commercial roofing materials, but not urethane foam.

Variety of Applications

Urethane foam roofing can be used on nearly every type of building. It’s an excellent option for warehouses, hospitals, universities, and industrial complexes because roof repair or replacement often means a portion of the building is shut down for regular operations during the roofing process.


Every roofer knows that seams are just places where water can creep in and create problems. Roof leaks are much less common with foam roofing because it’s seamless, unlike shingles, sheets, and shakes. Foam roofing is installed with proper water management practices in place.

Natural Resistances

Foam doesn’t rot and isn’t susceptible to insects or other pests. Carpenter ants and similar pests have been known to chew through foam roofing, but these issues are generally caught during regular maintenance and before they’re allowed to make a big mess of things.

Insulation Properties

Many builders have opted to use spray foam insulation within the walls of new construction because it’s just as effective at insulating as other forms of insulation. SPF, or foam roofing, can also help reduce overall energy bills due to its insulating effect.

Don’t Forget Regular Inspections and Maintenance

commercial roofing contractor, commercial roofingJust because your foam roofing is naturally resistant and very durable doesn’t mean that it won’t need regular maintenance. Give us a call or find a Conklin Foam Contractor here and we’ll go into more depth about the types of maintenance your particular roof needs as well as the frequency at which it needs to be inspected and maintained. We understand that everyone is currently concerned with the Covid-19 pandemic and our goal is to maintain proper social distancing and mask use as required to keep everyone safe.